I’m moving to a new blog!

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After almost a year of blogging on and off, rarely finding the time to invest or the motivation to keep on writing, I’ve decided it was time to go all in or quit blogging.

I was not going to pretend to have a blog, and write in it only when I feel like it. I wasn’t going to do it just like a hobby. I wasn’t going to be a flake about it. Because that wasn’t going to take me anywhere – with my writing or with the whole idea of building a blog and a community around it.

I was ready to give up on this completely, delete my blog and focus on the start of my second year of university and my day job. But where is that going to take me? What is going to change if I don’t change anything?

So I decided to give it one more shot. And this time no holding back. Because when you start a free blog on WordPress or anywhere else, you give yourself this smooth exit plan. Because what else you have to lose other than the time you invested in it so far?

But what if this time you have something to lose? What if you started keeping yourself accountable for sustaining your blog and building your following? What if this time you really go all in and failure is no longer an option?

But the greatest “what if” of all, and the one I will keep coming back to, is what if all the work I intend to put in will pay off and what if I succeed and what if I get to do what I enjoy and make a living out of it. Or a way of life.

So I came up with a concept of what I want my blog to be. I researched how to do it properly. I spend hours deciding on a new title, and days coming up with a plan to enforce to make all of this happen.

I even paid for a self-hosted blog and a killer theme which I cannot wait to share with you – because what better way to make yourself accountable for something than investing not only time but money in it as well.

And while I am still in the process of building my blog (which I will launch very soon) I invite you to come along this journey with me and step on my toes if I ever slack or deviate from my goal.

With this, I say goodbye to Ana’s Domain and a very excited hello to The She Approach. Make sure you join the new mailing list, as I will be doing an awesome giveaway as soon as the website is live!








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